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panda electronics won three consecutive bids

panda electronics  2023-08-20

since the beginning of this year, panda electronics has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the mid-year work conference of cec, focused on the development direction of the digital equipment industry, actively explored the market, and its affiliated companies, panda communication, panda equipment, and panda information, have been "rising" in their respective main businesses, delivering a brilliant "mid-year report ".

panda communication has successfully won the bid for the new generation satellite terminal project, with a winning amount of over 9 million yuan. the winning of this project is a crucial step for the company in the field of next-generation satellite communication, opening up new business areas.

panda equipment has successfully won the bid for a new energy automatic transmission external circulation line project, with a winning amount of 12.4 million yuan. this bid marks the comprehensive flowering of panda equipment's four main businesses in the fields of new energy materials, electronic glass, intelligent instruments, and intelligent warehousing.

panda information stood out among many competitors in the bidding for the intelligent project of the first phase of the gansu provincial center for disease control and prevention public health center project, relying on rich experience and strong technical strength, and successfully won the bid with a winning amount of 27.13 million yuan.