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panda intelligence equipment showed at the world intelligent manufacturing conference

panda electronics  2023-12-15

from december 6th to 9th, the 2023 world intelligent manufacturing conference was held in nanjing, jiangsu. the conference will hold professional exhibitions, industry competitions, and other activities with the theme of "intelligent, digital and connected transformation, digital-real economy integration and innovation". panda intelligence equipment made its debut at this exhibition, showcasing the latest achievements in intelligent manufacturing technology and applications, which will help deepen the integration of the digital economy and the real economy.

at the exhibition, panda mainly showed a series of solutions in the field of industrial software and industrial control terminal products. among them, the products such as panda intelligent manufacturing technology and applications, morereports software, industrial gateways, and industrial control computers have attracted a lot of attention.

since this year, panda electronics has continued to build an integrated industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain for digital transformation services and intelligent manufacturing production in the direction of digital equipment industry. not long ago, with the accumulated technical strength in the construction of numerous intelligent factories and professional experience accumulated through multiple projects, panda equipment successfully won the bid for the intelligent manufacturing construction project of water meters and the key project of advanced manufacturing industry for leading photovoltaic glass enterprises.