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panda information won the bid for a 200 million yuan project

panda electronics  2023-12-29

by the end of the year, panda information had successfully won the bid for the communication system supply project of the nanjing-ma'anshan urban (suburban) railway project, with a winning amount exceeding 200 million yuan.

it is reported that the official telephone system, video monitoring system, passenger information system, centralized alarm system, and network management system in the dedicated communication system constructed by panda information will be uniformly deployed on the production cloud node of the nanjing-ma'anshan line for the first time, achieving resource intensification, reducing the difficulty of data fusion, improving operational management efficiency, enhancing system stability.

this winning of the bid marks the re recognition of panda information's solutions, integration capabilities, communication technology, and performance capabilities in the field of metro communication projects by customers. as an important integrator in the rail transit communication system industry, panda information will continue to accumulate experience, fully explore the market, and continuously lead innovation in the future, striving to make new and greater contributions to the development of smart urban rail in the country.